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Information in Distress – Part 1

More and more frequently the following question arises: “What do we do about personal, sensitive, and business information owned by or residing with a financially troubled company?” Information is an intangible asset and often has significant value. Information increasingly resides with a party other than the owner and may need to be transferred in unexpected … Continue Reading

What if companies treated their money like their information?

I’m here at RabbitHole, Inc., talking with the company’s Manager of Money in his office, which is buried in the Facilities Department, down in the building’s basement. I’m interviewing him to get a better sense of how RabbitHole manages money as a corporate asset. Pardon my asking, but how much money does RabbitHole have? “Frankly, … Continue Reading

FRCP amended Rule 26 puts litigation on data diet – will it stick?

As we anticipate the calorie-bomb of Thanksgiving dinner, let’s face it – litigation preservation is overweight, obese, and corpulent, torpidly dazed in a fat/sugar coma of way too much data. But effective Dec. 1, amended Rule 26 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure strikes back, limiting the scope of discovery to what is “proportional.” Will … Continue Reading

But Judge, the dog ate my homework!

When a judge hears that documents no longer exist due to a company’s retention schedule, it feels like we’re transported back to grade school, with a sheepish pupil making lame excuses about “disappearing” homework. Courts can seem skeptical, even disdainful, about retention schedules. As the U.S. Supreme Court characterized them in Arthur Andersen LLP v. … Continue Reading

Gas, Guns N’ Records

A busy examiner, working on 15-20 other cases, sets a file aside in the “delayed/pending” queue while awaiting information, and a gun is sold and nine people died. A utility transferred responsibility for recordkeeping functions to its distribution business unit, files containing information about pressure and strength tests were not kept current, and an explosion … Continue Reading

IG perspective: adding social media to workplace websites

Old-school company intranets are like soooo boring. Why not juice things up? Sure, we’ll keep the one-directional content (employee policies, company announcements, etc.), but let’s add a dynamic platform for employee interactive training modules, capturing employee responses and quiz results. Why stop there – how about a message board for employees, to turn dull company … Continue Reading

Seven steps to better information management for small health practices

Ineffective wireless encryption Taped-over door lock on data room Inadequate passwords Computers without adequate log-off Disabled audit logging Unencrypted email and laptops Former employees with inappropriate network access These vulnerabilities and more (a total of 151) were found at seven large hospitals during a round of audits by the Department of Health & Human Services. … Continue Reading

How long must we keep our email?

Some old problems never seem to go away. Email retention remains an obstinate dilemma for far too many organizations. Volumes continue to mount, with business email totaling 109 billion messages every day, and forecasted growth of 7 percent each year. Email archives and cloud email solutions address the symptom of overburdened servers, but these strategies … Continue Reading