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Keypoint: Colorado policymakers outlined their privacy and AI priorities at a recent Husch Blackwell event.

In early March, Husch Blackwell hosted a discussion panel covering the 2024 legislative priorities of Colorado policymakers related to privacy and artificial intelligence. Attendees heard from Director of Legislative Affairs and Colorado Assistant Attorney General Jefferey Riester, as well as Colorado State Senate Majority Leader Robert Rodriguez. Discussions centered around their legislative priorities related to privacy and artificial intelligence, including the Colorado Privacy Act, SB 41 (children’s privacy), HB 1058 (biological data), and other impending bills on artificial intelligence.

The below article provides a summary of their remarks.Continue Reading Summary of Husch Blackwell Hosted Colorado Policymaker Panel on Privacy and AI Legislation

Keypoint: To advance the National Cybersecurity Strategy, the Office of the National Cyber Director is soliciting public comments to harmonize cybersecurity regulations, with comments due by October 31, 2023.

In March 2023, the White House released its National Cybersecurity Strategy (NCS), which envisions two changes in how the United States allocates roles, responsibilities, and resources in cyberspace:

  • Rebalancing the responsibility to defend cyberspace; and
  • Realigning incentives towards long-term investments to reward security and resilience.

This rebalance and realignment explicitly acknowledges that collaboration between private and public sector stakeholders will be necessary.Continue Reading The Invitation to Streamline Cybersecurity Regulations