Husch Blackwell’s Data Privacy, Cybersecurity & Breach Reponse team regularly produces thought leadership pieces on the ever-changing data privacy landscape. Most of the updates can be found on Byte Back, however, some pieces are found on Husch Blackwell’s website. We have curated the content here, in one easy to find place on the blog.


RFID Journal: Two New State IoT Laws Go Into Effect on Jan. 1, Bob Bowman, Malia Rogers, David Stauss,  December 1, 2019

Security Magazine: The FTC-Facebook Settlement: A Major Shift in U.S. Privacy Regulation, Mindi Giftos, Ephraim Hintz, November 8, 2019

Law Week Colorado: A Deeper Dive Into FTC’s Record-Breaking Fine to Google, YouTube for Violating COPPA Rule, Ephraim Hintz, David Stauss, October 21, 2019

San Francisco Chronicle: Open Forum – What to expect from the California Consumer Privacy Act, David Stauss, September 25, 2019

Corporate Counsel: Expert Opinion – What Businesses Can Be Doing Now to Prepare for the CCPA, David Stauss and Robert Bowman, September 4, 2019

Wisconsin Law Journal: Addressing emerging data privacy risks at the board level, Mindi Giftos, August 23, 2019

Law360: Expert Analysis – Coast Guard Cybersecurity Guidance Puts Shippers On Notice, Erik Dullea, Carlos Rodriguez and Bob Stang, August 20, 2019

ABA Banking Journal: California Updates Its Privacy Policy, Marci Kawski, Tobias Moon and David Stauss, August 12, 2019

Credit Union Times: Are Credit Unions Covered by the CCPA?, Gina Carter, Marci Kawski and David Stauss, July 12, 2019

Law360: Expert Analysis – NY Privacy Bill Would Expand Data Security Requirements, Erik Dullea and Ephraim Hintz, July 10, 2019

Law360 Expert Analysis: A Look at US Data Privacy Laws 1 Year After GDPR, Robert Bowman and David Stauss, June 21, 2019

Security: The California Consumer Privacy Act: Everything We Know with Six Months to Go, David Stauss, June 19, 2019

Texas Lawyer: 86th Texas Legislature Passes Bills Related to Cybersecurity, Lauren Cabral, June 7, 2019

Law360 Expert Analysis: What to Know About Updates to Nevada’s Online Privacy Law, David Stauss, Bob Bowman, Ephraim Hintz, May 30, 2019

Shale Magazine: Big Trends in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy for 2019, Erik Dullea, May 16, 2019

Marijuana Venture: California’s New Privacy Law Applies to Cannabis Industry,

Legal Alerts

Commerce Proposed Rule Could Restrict Tech & Data Transactions Involving Foreign Counterparties, Robert J. Bowman, Mindi S. Giftos, Grant D. Leach, Cortney O’Toole Morgan, December 9, 2019

60 Days Until the CCPA Goes into Effect: Are You Ready?, David Stauss, Robert Bowman and Malia Rogers October 31, 2019

Overview of Recent Decisions Interpreting the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, Michael Hayes, Bob Tomaso, Anne Mayette, October 15, 2019

Legal Developments Throughout 2019 – A Human Resources Checklist, Tom Godar, February 21, 2019

Media Mentions

Denver Business Journal: Focus on data privacy means big changes for Colorado businesses, January 13, 2020

The Hill: Historic California Data Privacy Measure Leaves Companies Scrambling, January 1, 2020

Marquette Lawyer Magazine: Practicing Business Law at The Speed of Change, November 2019

Kansas City Business Journal: New California Privacy Act Is a ‘Game-Changer’ — Even for KC Companies, October 17, 2019

Law360: In Case You Missed It: Hottest Firms And Stories On Law360 (#7 Expert Analysis), September 21, 2019

Compliance Week: Last-minute CCPA Changes Strike Business-Friendly Tone, September 18, 2019

Legaltech News: Consent for All? Smart Devices, Apps Don’t Need All-Party Opt-In to Record, August 28, 2019

9 News: Hack Warning Issued for Small Planes, July 30, 2019


Analyzing the AG’s Modified CCPA Regulations, February 12, 2020

U.S. Privacy Law Update: CCPA, CCPA 2.0 & Other Proposed State Privacy Laws, February 4, 2020

60 Days Until CCPA: Are You Ready?, November 13, 2019

CCPA Update: Analyzing the AG’s Proposed CCPA Regulations, October 15, 2019

Husch Blackwell Hosts CCPA Webinar Update, September 4, 2019

White Papers

Data Privacy Toolkit, Mindi Giftos, Vanessa Richmond, May 2019

CCPA v. GDPR: Comparison of Notable Provisions, David Stauss