With CCPA compliance efforts ramping up, Husch Blackwell’s privacy and data security practice group compiled the most frequently asked client questions and answers into one resource – the California Consumer Privacy Act Guidebook. The CCPA Guidebook is a great resource for any entity that is trying to understand the CCPA and what it will require when it goes into effect on January 1, 2020. Among other topics, the CCPA Guidebook discusses:

  • What entities are subject to the CCPA and exceptions;
  • The CCPA’s definition of personal information;
  • What rights the CCPA provides and who holds those rights;
  • What is a verifiable request;
  • How does the right to access personal information work;
  • How does the right to be forgotten work; and
  • Relevant dates

You can download a copy of the CCPA Guidebook by clicking here.