Keypoint: Advocates seem certain that they have done enough to qualify CCPA 2.0 for the November ballot.

On May 4, 2020, the Californians for Consumer Privacy advocacy group announced that they were submitting over 900,000 signatures to qualify the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA, commonly referred to as “CCPA 2.0”) for the November 2020 ballot. As discussed in our prior post, privacy advocates were required to collect and submit 623,212 signatures to qualify the CPRA for the November ballot. However, given that signatures need to be verified, it is typical for advocates to submit many more signatures than is necessary.

The initiative will now enter the signature verification process. The Californians for Consumer Privacy appeared certain that they had done enough to qualify the CPRA for the November election, posting on Twitter: “Today we submitted signatures to qualify CPRA2020 for the November ballot. See you at the ballot box!”

For a discussion of CCPA 2.0 and how it would change the CCPA’s requirements, click here.