Keypoint: Virginia is on the verge of becoming the second state, after California, to enact consumer privacy legislation.

As we previously reported, the Virginia House of Delegates overwhelmingly passed HB2307, the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (Act). On February 3, 2021, the Virginia Senate unanimously passed a companion bill, SB 1392. The bills will need to be reconciled before the legislature closes on February 11, 2021. However, that appears to be a mere formality given that the bills are identical and the House bill is already working its way through the Senate.

For an overview of the Act, see our prior post available here. In addition, on February 17, members of Husch Blackwell’s Data Privacy & Cybersecurity team will host a webinar to discuss the Act as well as all of the CCPA-like privacy bills proposed across the country. To register, click here.