Keypoint: This week the Connecticut Data Privacy Act was signed by the Governor, making Connecticut the fifth state to pass consumer data privacy legislation.

Below is our eighteenth – and final – weekly update on the status of proposed state privacy legislation in 2022. With the legislatures in many states now adjourned for the year, we are concluding our weekly updates.

That said, as discussed below, there are still a handful of bills pending in states such as Delaware, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and California. We will continue tracking those bills through posts on LinkedIn and Twitter. Please consider friending or following to stay up to date.

What’s New?

The big news this week was Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont signing SB6 – the Connecticut Data Privacy Act (CTDPA). Connecticut is now the fifth state to pass consumer data privacy legislation. We previously provided a webinar on the CTDPA, which you can access here.

In Louisiana, HB987 had an interesting week. On May 9, the House Commerce Committee passed the bill by a 11-0 vote. However, during the hearing, tech lobbyists expressed concerns with amendments that were circulated the night before the hearing. The bill was sent to the House floor but then recommitted to the House and Governmental Affairs Committee on May 10. The Committee held a hearing on the bill the following day, May 11, but decided to carry the bill over to a hearing scheduled for May 17. The Louisiana legislature is scheduled to adjourn June 6.

In Pennsylvania, HB 2202 is set for a public hearing in the House Consumer Affairs committee on May 25.

In California, SB 1059 (amendments to data broker law) is set for a hearing on May 16. SB 1189 (biometric privacy) and SB 1172 (proctoring services in educational setting) are set for hearings on May 19.