The landscape of U.S. state privacy law is changing once again. In 2022, the California legislature passed The California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act (AB 2273), a first-in-the-nation law based on the United Kingdom’s Age-Appropriate Design Code. In 2023, more states are following California’s lead and introducing bills that seek to regulate private entities’ processing of children’s data. 

With the influx of bills, we are releasing our new 2023 State Children’s Privacy Law Tracker. The tracker, which compliments our popular 2023 State Privacy Law Tracker, identifies the states that are considering legislation and provides helpful links to the bills. Bookmark the page and use it as a resource. We will update the map as more bills are filed.

We also are providing weekly updates on children’s privacy bills, as well as consumer privacy, biometric privacy, data broker, and automated decision making tool bills. Make sure you are subscribed to our blog to stay updated.