Keypoint: Last week chambers in West Virginia and Georgia passed consumer data privacy bills while a VCDPA amendment bill focused on children’s privacy passed the Virginia legislature.

Below is the sixth weekly update on the status of proposed state privacy legislation in 2024.

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1. What’s New?

There was a lot of movement on bills last week.

Turning first to consumer data privacy bills, in West Virginia, HB 5698 was introduced on Monday, February 26, and passed the House just two days later on February 28 by a 86-7 vote with 7 absent. It is now with the Senate Judiciary Committee. The West Virginia legislature adjourns on March 9 so we will know shortly whether the bill passes this year.

Meanwhile, in Georgia, the Senate passed SB 473 by a 37-15 vote with 4 excused. The Georgia legislature closes on March 28.

In Kentucky, HB 15, which previously passed the House, passed out of a Senate Committee on February 29.

The West Virginia, Georgia and Kentucky bills are Washington Privacy Act-model variants. Keep in mind that Wisconsin also has a bill that previously crossed chambers so there are now four states positioned to pass a consumer data privacy bill.

In other consumer data privacy news, in Rhode Island, HB 7787 was introduced on February 29. The bill was referred to the House Innovation, Internet, & Technology Committee. In Vermont, three House committee meetings were held on H.121 last week.

In children’s privacy bill developments, Delegate Maldonado’s VCDPA amendment bill (HB 707) passed the Senate on March 1. The bill previously passed the House on February 6. The bill, which goes into effect on January 1, 2025, adds provisions to the VCDPA relating to the processing of personal data of children under 13 years of age. A companion Senate bill (SB 361) also passed the legislature on March 1.

In Kentucky, SB345 was introduced on February 28 and referred to committee. It is an AADC-style bill. In Vermont, two House committee hearings were held on S.289 – Vermont’s AADC bill.

Finally, in consumer health data privacy bill developments, an amended version of Hawaii’s HB 1566 was reported out of committee and passed a second reading on February 29. The bill is a My Health My Data-style bill. It currently has an effective date of July 1, 3000.

2. Bill Tracker Charts

For more information on all of the bills introduced to date, including links to the bills, bill status, last action, hearing dates, and bill sponsor information, please see the following charts:

Husch privacy clients can access unredacted copies of the charts through Byte Back+.

3. Bill Tracker Maps

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