It’s a dangerous world for information:

  • Data breaches have become a matter of when, not if;
  • Expanded third-party access to information and systems multiplies risk;
  • E-discovery exposures from too much data continue to drive litigation spend;
  • Technological innovation threatens to outpace our ability to satisfy compliance requirements and control risk; and
  • BYOD programs, cloud computing, Big Data analytics, and the Internet of Things strain IT bandwidth and create new exposures.

It’s not merely large organizations or highly regulated industries that are at risk. Organizations of all sizes in all industries are grappling with complicated compliance issues and real-world exposures arising from how they obtain and use information—Privacy—how they protect information—Data Security—and how they retain, manage, preserve, and defensibly dispose of information—Information Management.

Smart organizations view information as a business asset, leveraging its value while satisfying compliance requirements and controlling risk. Organizations with poor information governance saddle themselves with unnecessary expense and the risk of costly privacy, data security, and information management exposures. Some learn the hard way, through data breaches, regulatory enforcement, or uncontrolled e-discovery. Others simply fail to gain the efficiencies of getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

Husch Blackwell’s Data Privacy, Security & Breach Response Group is an interdisciplinary team of experienced lawyers, technologists, Certified Records Managers, and Information Governance Professionals, with a broad view of information compliance, risk, and value. We provide insight and practical solutions for Privacy, Data Security, and Information Management, enabling you to quickly achieve firmer control over your information, while also making meaningful progress toward your long-term Information Governance objectives.