Keypoint: Our final weekly update of the 2023 legislative session provides a recap of bills that are still alive.

Below is the twenty-third – and final – weekly update on the status of proposed state privacy legislation in 2023. With the legislatures in many states now adjourned for the year, we are concluding our weekly updates. However, as discussed below, there are still a handful of bills pending. We will continue tracking those bills and provide updates on an as-needed basis.

With the legislatures in many states having closed for the year, the news cycle on proposed bills has predictably slowed. Here are where things currently stand.

We are waiting for governors to sign four bills – Texas HB 4 (consumer data privacy), Connecticut SB 3 (health and children’s data privacy), Nevada SB 370 (health data privacy), and Louisiana SB 162 (children’s social media).

The Oregon legislature closes June 25. It is considering consumer data privacy (SB 619) and data broker (HB 2052) bills. The consumer privacy bill is set for a third reading in the Senate on June 20. The data broker bill previously passed the House but has yet to move in the Senate.

The Delaware legislature closes June 30. It is considering a consumer data privacy bill (HB 154). The bill passed the House on June 8 and is awaiting consideration in the Senate.

The California legislature is considering SB 362 – the California Deletion Act. That bill passed the Senate on May 31 and is currently assigned to an Assembly committee. The California legislature does not close until September.

A number of state legislatures will remain open past June, but we have not seen recent movement on bills in those states. We will continue tracking those bills and provide updates on an as-needed basis.