On May 17, Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed the Colorado Artificial Intelligence Act (SB 205) into law, making Colorado the first state to enact legislation that broadly addresses the use of artificial intelligence in high-risk processing activities.

On June 4, 2024, members of Husch Blackwell’s data privacy and AI team will host a 

In early April, the Maryland legislature passed the Maryland Age-Appropriate Design Code Act (SB 571 / HB 603). In this fifteen minute webinar, HB privacy attorney Shelby Dolen provides an overview of the Maryland bill and how it will impacts covered entities. The webinar is available exclusively to HB privacy clients through Byte

With its unique provisions and requirements, the Maryland Online Data Privacy Act (MODPA) adds a new dimension to state privacy law that will create additional compliance burdens for covered entities. HB privacy partner David Stauss unpacks and explains MODPA in a twenty-five minute on-demand webinar available exclusively to HB privacy clients through Byte Back+.


We are excited to introduce our newest value-added client resource, Byte Back+. Designed to maximize value for our privacy clients, this client-only resource will provide a seamless end-user experience for our privacy thought leadership and offer exclusive content on the topics that matter most to you. In addition to aggregating content from our Byte Back blog and webinar offerings, Byte Back+ will include other produced materials and exclusive content developed solely for our clients, that dives deeper into emerging privacy issues.Continue Reading Introducing Byte Back+

With all the new U.S. state privacy laws going into effect, tracking the many upcoming deadlines is no easy task—especially when you factor in children’s privacy, data broker, and consumer health data privacy laws. Don’t forget that many laws also have staggered deadlines, including deadlines to recognize universal opt-out mechanisms and update privacy policies.


Numerous states passed laws on consumer, health, and children’s data privacy during the 2023 state legislative session. These new laws create additional compliance challenges for entities already trying to drive compliance with existing state laws.

On September 14, 2023, members of Husch Blackwell’s data privacy team will host a webinar to provide an overview of