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Michael regularly advises business and education clients on constitutional, statutory and procedural issues, including the First Amendment, the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA), the False Claims Act (FCA), class certification, federal jurisdiction, immunity and due process.

Keypoint: Supreme Court’s decision could require individuals to suffer an actual injury prior to participating in a class action.

On December 16, the Supreme Court of the United States agreed to review a case with potential major implications for data-breach class actions.

Trans Union v. Ramirez arises out of a class action about inaccurate credit reports. The class representative claimed that his credit report contained an error indicating that his name matched someone on the government’s list of persons with whom businesses in the United States are prohibited from transacting. Mr. Ramirez claimed this error caused him to be unable to obtain credit when purchasing a vehicle, caused him embarrassment in front of his family, and caused him to cancel a vacation to Mexico.Continue Reading Supreme Court to Hear Case With Large Potential Impact for Data-Breach Litigation