Keypoint: The 2023 state legislative session is off to a fast start with state lawmakers introducing consumer data privacy bills in eight states and numerous bills on biometric information, children’s privacy, health data privacy, data broker regulation, and automated employment decision tools.

We are back for our fourth year of tracking state privacy legislation and our third year of providing weekly updates. As in past years, we will track consumer data privacy legislation through our weekly updates and our State Privacy Law Tracker map.

With the rapid expansion of state privacy bill topics, we are expanding our coverage. Last year, we added biometric privacy bills and data broker bills to our weekly alerts. This year, we are adding children’s privacy, health data privacy, automated employment decision tools, and algorithmic discrimination bills.

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Update your bookmark, we just released our 2023 State Privacy Law Tracker.

With state legislatures starting to open for the 2023 session, lawmakers are already introducing CCPA-like consumer privacy bills.

For the third year in a row we will identify the states that are considering legislation and provide helpful links to the bills and