Keypoint: Nebraska is the seventeenth state legislature to pass consumer data privacy legislation with a bill that largely tracks the Texas Data Privacy and Security Act.

On April 11, 2024, the Nebraska legislature passed the Nebraska Data Privacy Act (LB 1074). We have been tracking the bill since it was first introduced under LB 1294. That bill never advanced out of committee; however, it was added to LB 1074 in late March as part of a larger multi-subject 139 page bill. The bill unanimously passed Nebraska’s unicameral legislature on April 11. It now heads to Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen. Assuming the bill becomes law, Nebraska will become either the sixteenth or seventeenth state to enact consumer data privacy legislation, depending on whether Maryland’s bill, which passed the Maryland legislature last Saturday, is enacted first.

The Nebraska bill largely tracks the Texas Data Privacy and Security Act, but with some differences we identify below. As with prior bills, we have added the Nebraska bill to our chart providing a detailed comparison of laws enacted to date. We also have added Nebraska to our sensitive data comparison chart.Continue Reading Nebraska Legislature Passes Consumer Data Privacy Bill

data privacyKeypoint: Nebraska lawmakers will consider proposed legislation that would create CCPA-like privacy rights for Nebraska residents.

On January 8, 2020 Nebraska state Senator Carol Blood introduced the Nebraska Consumer Data Privacy Act (LB746) (the “Act”).

Below is our analysis of the proposed legislation (as introduced).Continue Reading Analyzing the 2020 Nebraska Consumer Data Privacy Act