Keypoint: If passed, the bill would, among other changes, broaden Nevada’s existing right to opt out of sales of covered information.

In late March, we first reported that the Nevada legislature is considering a bill that would amend Nevada’s online privacy notice statutes, NRS 603A.300-360, to provide for a broader right to opt out of sales. On April 20, the Nevada Senate unanimously passed an amended version of SB260. The bill is now with the Assembly Committee on Commerce and Labor.

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Health Insurance Portability and accountability act HIPAA and stethoscopeAs an update to our previous post, HHS announced that the deadline to submit comments on their proposed rule to revise HIPAA regulations was extended until May 6, 2021. Changes contemplated by the proposed rule involve relaxing certain privacy standards, strengthening individuals’ rights to access their protected health information (PHI) and other initiatives that